The embassyyyyyyyyy!!

So I’m Limp Bizkit rolling, looking for the British Consulate Office, so that I can get some… No, I can’t even say it, I’m such a dumb dumb for giving in to the hype.

Needless to say, after keeping me waiting for 30mins, they laughed me out that joint! It’s what happened to me on the way that “mashed up the ting!”

Ok, so I’m MC Romeo rollin’, no time constraint like a second with out the minute, like a prize with no one to win it, “Oh noooooo.”

That’s the word.


I was actually listening to Mentalist’s new album ‘Make You Proud’, you can get that here:

Mentalist – Make You Proud (LP)

…and I got my map in hand cos I got a mutha f*cking right to shine ninja! I’m thinking that I’m walking in the right direction. I’m also careful not to look baffled and walk in slow mo like a tourist unless I need help.

This time however, I see a nice temple in what is approximately an office park in the form of a highway. So I stop to take a pic when I’m approached from behind by an English speaking Japanese dude.

My spidey sense started tingling so I turned around as quick as I could like “Hai!” To my surprise, he came out of the coffee shop especially wanting to help me but I told him I wasn’t lost, I just wanted to take a picture in peace goddamnit!!

I didn’t say that.

He’s like “Cool, I’ll take the pic.” No probs, you can see it either above or below the text. Since I upgraded my WordPress app, iohnkno where it gets inserted. Maybe it’ll >>

20110318-073528.jpg << be here.

Anyways he takes the pic and continues "So where do you want to go?" I had to tell him to mind his business and bring me some oxtail soup, AHHHHHHHH, BUMBAAA CLAAAAAAAAARRTT!

Again, I didn't say that.

I point on the map to show him, and he tells me I'm going the wrong way! After all that, I'm going the wrong way. This guy turns from Hiro to hero in a matter of seconds! わかりません。

Stubborn tourist FAIL! Like a tortoise without the shell, like a skunk without the smell. So kids, moral of the story… If a stranger offers you sweets, say thank you and ask for cola flavoured Chubba Chubbs!

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2 Responses to The embassyyyyyyyyy!!

  1. yasmin says:

    Aaron! you are too funny lol 🙂 Not sure I will be passing that advice onto my lil brother about accepting sweets from strangers especially cola bottles, its all about the Rhubarb and custard sweets. Glad your having a good time in Japan.

  2. Uncle N says:

    Since when did u become the stubborn tourist?! What happened to da guy who approaches the first random he sees?

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