So I just spent 13hrs hopping from train to train


Thanks to this “Sa-mun-na-bitch” (R.I.P. Bernie Mac) it wasn’t another 12. I feel like I’m Champagne sipping when I step on one of these. I travelled to Hiroshima initially, just so that I could get on one! Think of an aeroplane on land and you’re still not fully envisioning it’s real beauty!

I just travelled from Hagi to Takayama via Okayama. I’ll let you work it out. I’m such a failure. I left my destiny in another man’s hands. Never again.

I knew a quick route but let the dude at the train station make one for me, thinking he knew best. He ain’t even had blonde hair, wrestled a day in his life or had a hit with Scott Storch!

So I had to trust him, but I didn’t trust him! First opportunity I could, I jumped on a different rapid service train going to my next destination. That manoeuvre just removed 2hrs from my journey and brought me closer to my loved one:


Let that be another lesson for you. If something isn’t working out for you, why not try a different approach. You’re nearly there.

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