The ‘why’ in now

Some people have asked me why I came to Japan. Why would you want to go? Those same people would probably ask why this tortoise is in the air. What business does s/he have catching a frisbee?

I think they’re asking the wrong question. I ask, how much passion does this tortoise have? I have no idea how far above the ground s/he is.

Let’s make up a name for this tortoise (or turtle?). Imma call her Florence. Florence knows that she wants to catch that disc.

Maybe the person that threw it has bad aim. Maybe it was intentionally heading elsewhere. In any case, she does what she needs to do to get up in the air and catch it.

The rest isn’t important at this moment. If you’re sat or stood there wondering why I named her Florence? Miss me with that, you’re still asking the wrong question.


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1 Response to The ‘why’ in now

  1. UnCle NaTeY says:

    I love this post and the picture. But the person asking the question is irrelevant. Your passion could be getting that frisbee, going to Japan or fighting a revolution. Florence could be jumping or falling but the amazing thing is nothing stops her getting that frisbee…

    Follow YOUR dreams. Someone may asks why you want to go to Japan? But why should they know? It is personal to you. In fact, the same person, I think, would not ask ‘why is the tortoise in the air?’ Instead, I think they would ask the question ‘why does the tortoise want the frisbee?’

    Sometimes having a desire for something is hard to explain. But I would worry more if someone could not understand the passion to want something and the determination to achieve it. That to me is what the tortoise, sorry Florence, represents.

    Keep your eyes on your prize.

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