Who you calling a b!+©#??


This guy’s name is Ieyasu Tokugawa. Long story short, by battling many rival clans, he succeeded in truly unifying Japan in the 1600s.

What an achievement.

Who knows how’s things would have been if we lived in a pro ‘divide and conquer’ society. Clearly some of the elitist do but I don’t believe everyone from your local baker to your cousin’s school teacher does.

While I’ve been away, I’ve heard about some reunions. The Diplomats got back together before I left. Everyone knows the run they had. Then Phonte and 9th make up. I know dudes creamed in their Y fronts when the Lil B joint dropped.

This one I’m about to mention though… This one had me kicking my feet like a little kid. Not only does P come out of prison, he joins Havoc on a Havoc/Alchemist beat with a feature from Nas! Nuff said.

See the power of unity? You can go all the way on your lonesome. I guarantee you’re missing out, whatever your accomplishments. Those same people might diss this. Dunno, difference of opinion. I just grab a saxophone, find a dark alley and say “Hey; who you calling a b!+©#??

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