Be what you’re gonna be; do what you wanna do…


Recently, I went to school, well not that kind of school. Actually, just a normal primary school. A few people from my workplace and others went on a mission to excite kids about their futures.

There were 9, 10 and 11 year olds inquiring about our careers. It was invigorating to see youngsters so excited about what we all did day to day. Aside from the norm of lawyers, doctors etc., we were a mixed bag consisting of a 3D animator, toy licenser, transmission operator, creative producer and more.

There was a common theme that carried through us all. The children asked us if we all knew that we wanted to be in our occupations from a primary school age. You guessed it. The answer was a unanimous “NO!”. Did we all enjoy our jobs? I think you wouldn’t expect a unanimous “Yes!” but we all took time out talk to children about our employment so, of course the answer was yes.

It was quite apparent on the day, though possibly unpredictable when we all first signed up, that we wanted the children to worry less about where they were in life at the age of 50 and more about their interests and strengths.

We wanted the young ones to see that the money and/or status will come via their enthusiasm and success from their passions. I then spent a moment considering many friends and members of my family that felt unfulfilled, stressed or bored by their current roles; before sparing a thought for myself.

You see, “I feel like I’ve only just started truly living” by engaging in the things I enjoy the most. If my happiness is proportional to the happy “things” I experience, surely I should be able to easily become increasingly happy. All I had to do was believe. That was before I start ‘factoring in’ as many obstacles as I could think of.

What will my peers and selected others think of my occupation and life choices? What if my salary isn’t as much as so and so’s? What if I try but it isn’t enough? What if blah blah blah blah BOOOOOOOOOO!!(!)

I’m sorry but in the grand scheme of things, only you may declare what is important to you in terms of joy. I’d like to think, however, that it wouldn’t be far fetched to suggest that you could indeed have it all, simply if you wanted to. I figure, you’ll either gravitate towards the things you really want to do in life, or join the 70% of people on their death bed, full of regret.

Take a minute to think about people that you consider to be successful. I have a what if for you. What would have come of them if they had spent more time considering the plight of failure? Here’s another. If you had a group of young sponges in front of you, what type of encouragement would you want to offer them? What would you prefer them to hear? Last one. What would YOU do if you could not fail?

P.S. Take a look at these kids from OFSTED award winning Halley Primary School. Bless ’em kids!

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1 Response to Be what you’re gonna be; do what you wanna do…

  1. Saquib says:

    I just randomly came across this, and found your blog! Those were the days at Perivale Primary, and I definitely had no idea that I’d be doing what I’m doing now!

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