The high after the sugar rush…

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As we head into the middle of May and appreciate all it has to offer (which isn’t much if you live in the UK), I find myself sending yet another package to Japan. Please forgive my one-handed ego stroking; It’s just that I’m still in shock. I don’t quite know what I was expecting from my project. Being a Virgo, I think I’ve just about settled with being amazed at the following realities:

I, along with my team of fellow artists, engineers, DJs and friends have something from me that we can now hold that’s denser than air! “We did it yo!” Plus, it was well received… By those who have heard it thus far. At the same time, this property isn’t in the hands (or computers) of every single person in every land (including Kazakhstan).

I hate myself sometimes… That’s a lie. I love myself (in the type of non-narcissistic way that everyone should) so I’ll rephrase. I really, REALLY dislike myself sometimes. I hope you don’t relate to me in this sense but I procrastinate, a lot! I mean a great deal. I mean, I already hold the Guinness World record. I mean, I really want to move on with the post and explain what I mean, but I can’t. Why? I dunno. Why did you ask me why? Why did I ask myself why?

When you have a mountain of tasks to complete, any progress you make is positive. What a shame though; I seem to take a few steps forward, then one or two back. It’s all a matter of confidence, momentum and consistency or lack thereof. When time moves forward and I do not, I recoil some, worse than a lack of growth. When faced with adversity, no matter the stakes, the thrill of victory is often opposed by the agony of defeat!?

Instead, I should have been thinking about doing less, and doing it well, quality over quantity. I have to be honest and say that whilst I’ve been attempting to multi-task, I’ve also been relying on the project to push itself. My experiences and thoughts were put on record but I was somehow expecting this record to grow legs walk and talk for itself.

Well not anymore. I have NEW audio and visual treats coming for you in June and July. After that, I’m flying out to Japan to promote and increase the awareness around the EP and the new release. God willing, I’ll also be seen around the Iwate & Miyagi prefectures. I shouldn’t be fretting, I’m no longer starting from scratch as the journey has already begun, but it’s always the unknown isn’t it? Right?

You know, most people who accept failure, do so just before they’re about to succeed. A wise investor/businessman/author told me that. More importantly, people fail simply because they refuse to keep going. A great pastor told me that. Believe it or not (depending on how cynical you’re feeling today), with will and positive intention, anything is possible. I’ve already proved it! Cue inspirational/motivational William Arthur Ward quote:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it

When sizing up a task of great importance, your perception of it let’s you judge whether it’s relatively small/large (or medium). Could world domination every seem like a small feat? Well I have my eye on the galaxy; doesn’t seem like such a big thing from where I am. I’m still high after my sugar rush…

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