Lost and Found – Heart Attack Edition


Hey everyone, welcome back. Sooooooo yeah, it’s been a while… We’ll get back to that a little later. I just have something I want to get off my chest quickly. Maybe it’ll help; hmmm, maybe not…

Recently, I went searching for something important. I’ve kept it in the same place for months, but on that day, it wasn’t there L. You know the feeling well. It was all good just a week ago; right there on the dresser/table/floor/underneath the bed/that spot near the open window etc. In my case, it was a bunch of digital files. Okay, I’m playing it down. It was a Dropbox (an amazing service/app that I owe way too much and appreciate deeply) folder CONTAINING MY ENTIRE NEXT PROJECT!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Heart palpitations, goose bumps, dilated pupils… Denial. I wasn’t ready to accept loss yet. I was typing anything and everything into the Windows explorer search boxes, to no avail. I actually believed that is was gone, never to be seen again, but I also believed that there was nothing to be gained by giving up. I carried on looking.

Then I found it! If you don’t care how, just move on to the next paragraph. For those that do care, I’ll explain. When you add ‘…’ to the end of a folder name, it becomes hidden in Windows. Not sure how you would retrieve it normally, but luckily I could gain access to it by accessing the Dropbox folder via the website. I edited the folder name there and hey presto, it reappeared. I can breathe again!

Here’s my point though. It was my fault that it disappeared. I must have had that subconscious believe that I could be my own saviour and remedy the situation. What if it was something out of my control? What if it was something that I didn’t lose? Would that same persistence and belief exist? What if I didn’t have a lot to lose?

I’d like to think that whatever your support system, whether it is God or some other belief, or just faith in yourself, defeat only comes in the most extraordinary cases. I think we’ve all been on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook long enough to know an inspirational message when we see one, or two, or a gazillion. I’m going to make one up, let’s see how this goes:

“It’s better to have lost and found, than never to have found at all ®

What do you think? Now, about my absence… Erm… Yeah I’ve got a good excuse for that; well sort of. Let’s talk about it next time!!


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